Ever wondered what hazards could be festering in your Florida home while you’re away?

Leave your home unattended for more than a month and small problems can turn into big disasters.

If you want someone who can catch problems early and give you piece of mind while you are away, we can help. Away Florida is a professional home watch service that will inspect your home on either a monthly or a bimonthly basis.


When you are away for more than a month, your home needs more than a neighbor “keeping an eye” on the place.

Your Florida neighbors are lovely people. But they are probably not checking behind your toilets and under your sink for mold or turning on the dishwasher and garbage disposals regularly to stop the seals from drying out.

We do all of that and more.

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Why Away Florida Home Watch?

Licensed in Punta Gorda


Comply with your homeowner's insurance policy

Available 24 hours a day

Peace of mind while you're away

Major credit cards accepted

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